Main goals

  1. To mobilise Asturian society in order to give Asturian a future, giving visibility to the linguistic conflict.
  2. To make up the main role of Asturian as common language of all Asturians and of all the Astur-Leonese sprachbund.
  3. To promote and collaborate in campaigns for the linguistic normalisation.
  4. To watch for the compliance with linguistic legislation, defending the rights of those speakers to whom they are denied.
  5. To work for the oficialdom of the whole traditional Asturian toponymic corpus, watchig for its right use by institutions and companies.
  6. To control the compliance with the linguistic policies, as well as to reach better degrees of linguistic compromise by both institutions and other entities.
  7. To promote the collaboration between organisations from the whole sprachbund in order to generate a social conciousness regarding the unity of the language and to work for reaching common goals.
  8. To internationalise the knowledge about both the language and its conflict through cultural actions and the report to both the Spanish and the international institutions the irregular situation in which Asturian citizens live regarding the linguistic issue. Furthermore, to work with other linguistic communities under similar circumstances anywhere in the world.
  9. To ask for the full recognition of the Asturian language as an official language in the whole Asturian territory, and together with the Eonavian or A fala in its respective territory. Also to collaborate in order to reach this recognition in all the remaining territories in which Asturian is traditionally spoken.
  10. To ask for a legal status as official language for Asturian in the European institutions.